JCF Community Survey

After much prayer and discussion, the JCF leadership team has decided to re-evaluate the types of events and opportunities for engagement JCF offers in order to better serve the Christian community in Japan. In order to do so, we ask that you complete this survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes. This is available to all members, past and current, whether still in Japan or living abroad.

We are hoping that the thoughtful feedback you provide will help guide our decisions to create a more cohesive, active Christian community here. Additionally, if you would like to volunteer in any capacity or make a monetary donation, we ask that you leave your email address so the leadership team can get in touch with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the National Coordinator at jcfnatco@gmail.com

Thank you for serving with us.

God bless,


Spending Time with God

It’s hard to believe, but we’re about to wrap up 5 months of 2021. As spring gradually shifts to summer, let’s take time step back from the busyness and check-in with God. I hope this reflection from former national coordinator, Royal Langer, can help encourage you to take time to slow down and notice God at work in your life. The following is a post taken from the JCF blog archives. It was originally posted by HACHIMENREIROU on February 12, 2014.

In the midst of the colder weather, we can easily forget how blessed we are by God. God has chosen to give us breath in our lungs, food to eat, money to buy it with, employment and relationships with other people. We can not only forget to count our blessings (God didn’t give us enough appendages to count them!), but we can also forget to ask for more. As children of God, we have the blessings of heaven at our disposal. We can also pray these blessings into other people’s lives as well. God is our Father, and like a good Father, He wants to give us good things. He just wants to hear us ask for them.

Let’s challenge God to bless us and others in specific ways this week.

I am a God who heals. I heal broken bodies, broken minds, broken hearts, broken lives, and broken relationships. My very presence has immense healing powers. You cannot live close to Me without experiencing some degree of healing. However, it is also true that you have not because you ask not. You receive the healing that flows naturally from My presence, whether you seek it or not. But there is more–much more–available to those who ask.

– Jesus Calling

If you want to dwell more in the presence of God, read the entire chapter of the following verses:

  • Psalm 103:3
  • James 4:2
  • Matthew 7:7-8

Royal Langer, Aomori

Overcomers Overcoming

The following is a post taken from the JCF blog archives. It was written by HACHIMENREIROU on MAY 20, 2014. I pray that these reflections can encourage you during these turbulent times.

THE week before the most recent JCF retreat in Kobe, three separate people emailed me reminding me to be aware of spiritual resistance in Japan. At the same time, Ive been reading a book that a friend randomly gave me: Warfare Prayer by C. Peter Wagner. Not surprisingly, the theme of the JCF retreat this past weekend just so happened to be “Overcomers Overcoming”.

In my small group we discussed a feeling of spiritual “disconnectedness” from the reality of God, which all three of us have encountered over the past year. Not only was it encouraging simply to hear that others are encountering similar challenges, but I felt convinced that God had brought us here in order to provide a chance for us to discover some practical solutions.

Whether or not you think that God brought each of us to Japan for a specific purpose, it is certainly clear that each Christian in Japan has a remarkable opportunity for expressing God’s love to the people who happen to be around us. This is an opportunity God would certainly like to make use of, and the devil would certainly like to limit as much as possible. Recently I have been thinking about the need to actively guard against, and resist, spiritual discouragement.

It is not God’s will for us to be slowly discouraged out of existence, as the devil would like. I would further suggest that it is also not God’s desire that we simply “weather the storm” of discouragement and spiritual resistance. I believe it is God’s will for each of us to acknowledge spiritual opposition and learn to live a lifestyle of victory over it! That way, by God’s grace and power, we might assist other to find victory in Christ as well.

So how do we do it?

I would like to highly recommend chapter six of Warfare Prayer for some very practical instruction on equipping yourself to survive spiritual resistance and be effective in proactive ministry. This chapter points to James 4:7-8 as an outline of how to prepare yourself to effectively resist the devil:

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” James 4:7-8

  1. Submit to God as master as well as savior
  2. Draw near to God (this involves dedicated prayer and regular fasting)
  3. Purify your heart of conscious and/or habitual sin

Spiritual resistance doesn’t always take the form of outright attacks or of debilitating depression. I often find my greatest enemy is spiritual apathy, as well as continual busyness with exhausting distractions. In my own exploration of how to “keep the faith” while living in Japan, I have found certain practices to be greatly helpful in re-grounding me in my relationship with God whenever my spiritual motivation starts to lag.

  1. Have an “accountability” partner. Have another Christian who you commit to talk with regularly (I recommend once a week) by phone or in person. Ask each other about your current relationship with God and about spiritual goals for the coming week. Then pray together! You have no idea how motivational it is to follow through with my spiritual goals when I know someone is going to ask me about it Tuesday evening!
  2. Have people praying for you. This is similar to the accountability partner suggestion, but a little different. I recommend you have a small “team” of people who agree to intentionally pray for you and for your “ministry” as a Christian in Japan. In a way, these people are joining with you in ministry, backing you up and supporting you in prayer when you come to spiritual challenges.
  3. Fast. I hate fasting, but it is Biblical and you cant argue with the results. It doesn’t have to be super intense, but temporarily abstaining from food (or from something else you enjoy) has an incredible power to refocus your heart on God and demonstrate to yourself that you are physically submitting to God’s authority. Personally, I find it helpful (and painful!) to regularly “fast” from social activities and internet on occasion.
  4. Make time to pray. Set aside a specific amount of time to pray. Put it in your day-planner like an appointment with God and then show up! Prayer is often very low on the priority list, but it should be at the very top.

First of all, we are in a RELATIONSHIP with God. The quality of that relationship is very much impacted by how much time we spend together. (Imagine it like a dating/marriage relationship; what kind of relationship do you have if you don’t have “time” or motivation to talk with the other person beyond asking for things or thanking them for your food?)

Secondly, prayer is sort of like a muscle or skill, in that practice makes perfect. It is likely to be awkward and feel ineffective at first, but the only way to improve the quality of your prayer time is to spend time praying!

Finally, setting aside time to pray (by the clock) has a similar effect to fasting, in that it demonstrates a submission to God and a willingness to sacrifice for the sake of your relationship with God. This sacrifice of time and effort somehow has great power to bolster our faith! Personally, I set aside five minutes before bed and a half hour in the morning to pray and be with God. I see this as a “breakfast date” with God; I really enjoy our times together and I find that spending time “hanging out” with God, talking and listening, gives me a feeling of freshness and spiritual motivation for the rest of the day!

These are four practices that I have found helpful in my own journey. I encourage you to give them a try and find what works for you. Expect sacrifice and discomfort to be involved, especially at first, but with sacrifice also comes joy. Don’t be satisfied with a sleepy lifestyle spent merely enjoying constant entertainment, or merely keeping your head above the water spiritually. You have GREAT potential to be a mini Jesus in your town, showing the existence, power, and love of Jesus to those who might otherwise never know. The devil would like nothing better than to neutralize you. But we have the Spirit of God with us and in us, and thus we are more than conquerors. If you feel you are being conquered rather than walking in victory, courage, and joy, then please be proactive about seeking proactive solutions; don’t forget, we need to compensate for an enemy who is actively resisting us.

Let’s go forth and conquer!

 – Michelle Noyes


2020 Spring Retreat

Hello Friends!

We are so glad that you are interested in this year’s Spring Retreat! As you know, Coronavirus has impacted nearly everyone and everything, but God calls us to “press towards the mark”, and to “give thanks” in every situation. Though meeting physically may not be feasible this time, we are pleased to say that we will still carry-on with the retreat, digitally, via Zoom (Downloadable here, or via your mobile app store).

If you have not yet signed-up for the retreat, please do so with the sign-up sheet here. Due to the format, the retreat fee with only be ¥1000\person. This fee will help support the speakers; food expenses will be your own!

For general questions, please e-mail the coordinator (jcfretreat@gmail.com). For financial or exemption-related questions, please contact the treasurer (treasurerjcf@gmail.com).

Methods of paying the retreat fee:
First, you can use the following our Paypal link for a quick on-line transfer, or the button at the bottom of this page. Second, you use the standard furikomi (振込) deposit system. For English instructions on how to do this, please click here. If your Japanese bank account has a mobile app, many of them can process furikomi that way, as well. If you wish to use this method, here is the bank info you will need:

(Bank name) 銀行名: ゆうちょ銀行 (高知県 is the prefecture, if needed)
(Branch #) 店番号:748 (七四八, if needed)
(Account #) 口座番号:5306984
(Registered name for confirmation) 口座名:アイジェット ジェーシーエフ

To inquire about other arrangements, please contact us.

2020 Spring Retreat Fee

A secure and easy Paypal link to pay for the retreat fee in one click.


We are very excited to have you join us, and we look forward to the opportunity to both bless and be blessed!